Sunday, April 13, 2008

Team Tibet bandana biker picks on 10 year old boy - San Francisco

I don't care what kind of hate this "dude" has for China, he is ready to bend over a little boy.

Real bravado, San Francisco style.


BurmeseGoldBull said...

so u believe China is doing something good by bring modernity to Tibet ?

Eduardo said...

Of course China is doing something good. Do you want Tibet to be an underdeveloped, feudal country again?

Cidadão Especial said...

>FREE TIBET! And by the way, is not a 10 yo boy is a 35 yo chink bitch, as you. Everybody hates china because china is the most evil piece of shit in this planet.

Anonymous said...

it's not a 10 year old boy, it's a grown ass woman - do all Asians look the same to you?
Btw: I'm Asian. So shut it.