Monday, March 1, 2010

Why Does New York Times Hate China?

Boy does the NYT hate China. Recently it tried to pin the Google hack on the Chinese government, but ended up with mud on its face, TWICE:

- On 1/19 NYT published an article that claimed the Aurora malware used in Google hack contained code not found outside China, based on a blog. But a week later The Register published follow up refuting NYT's claim.

Turns out, NYT's Chinese "finger print" that supposedly came from a white paper with government tie, is in reality the nibble CRC algorithm that's been around for years.

- A month later, NYT published another article that quoted an anonymous source that the Google hack may have originated from two schools within China, and one of them had technology link with the Chinese military. Unfortunately, not having learned the value of fact checking, 3 days later NYT's supposed "military hacker central" was picked apart by The Inquirer.

The Lanxiang Vocational School in China turned out to be a 3rd rate voc tech for high school dropouts that offered nothing beyond Word and Photoshop in terms of computer classes, and all the students that enlisted after graduation were either cooks or mechanics.

The vocational school claim was so outlandish, the Chinese netters created an internet meme - "Lanxiang Vocational School is better than Harvard University".