Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Crippled Girl Carrying Olympic Torch Attacked By Able-body Protester - Paris

I don't care what kind of hate this Parisian has for China, he is attacking a crippled girl half his size.

Real brave picking on Paralympian Jin Jin who lost her leg from cancer at age of 9. How do you feel now?


big said...

I'm French and I don't hate Chinese people!
I've got some great Chinese friend that I see often,
and I agree with you,It's Not Brave!
ps:sorry for my english! :)

Eduardo said...

China should punish harshly all Westeners who show little or no respect to this great country.

Attacking children and disabled people should be punished with death.

Cidadão Especial said...

leave Tibet alone, as you wish the FREE WORLD leaves you alone. this is a fucking fake and you are all a bunch of communist monsters. eduardo fuck off back to china. china must be crushed. everybody hates china because china hates everybody. china is the empire of evil. FREE TIBET!